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  • You have been struggling to deal with that person who has that extra "oomph"of meanness and harshness

  • You want to learn the do's and don'ts of managing yourself while dealing with someone of this caliber.

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Dr. Les Carter and Laura Charanza

Dr. Les Carter’s passion is working one on one with individuals in his counseling office. He has been in the private practice of counseling since 1980 when he completed his Ph.D. in Clinical Counseling at the University of North Texas. Prior he had received his master's degree at UNT, and in 1976 he had completed his B.A in Psychology at Baylor University in Waco, TX. Laura Charanza is a best-selling Author, Life Coach, and Speaker on narcissistic abuse recovery. Laura learned her experience the hard way, after suffering 40 years of narcissistic abuse. Laura grew up with a narcissistic parent, then married a narcissist and stayed with him for many years. Narcissists can't really love or change, and Laura understands how the damage accumulates. Together they have created Surviving Narcissism.